Uladzimir Matskevich. Philosopher in Prison

The most inconvenient philosopher in Belarus. He always declare what he thinks, meanwhile he does think a lot. He thinks (over) Belarus.

In his speech on August 2, he proposed a strategy for the upcoming fake referendum. On August 4, he was arrested. While the methodologist and philosopher is in prison, we launched the campaign “Philosopher in Prison” in order not to interrupt the connection with living thought, with ideas and suggestions, to continue the most important and most important thing for our friend, colleague and teacher.

Uladzimir Matskevich is a methodologist philosopher and a public speaker. He was born in 1956 in Siberia in a family of repressed Belarusians. He studied at the Leningrad University and learned fromGeorgy Shchedrovitsky as a member of the Moscow Methodological circle.

Matskevich came back to Belarus in 1994to found Agency for Humanitarian Technologies whichannounced the “Culture of Politics” program aimed to transform Belarus into a modern democratic country. The motto and essence of this program is THINK (over) BELARUS!

In the 90s, Matskevich prepared reforms and trained leaders for Belarusian national system of education, and actively participated in social and political life. He has been one of the organizers of the initiative “Charter’97” and wrote the text of  its declaration. At the same time he has been among  founders of the United Civic Party (AGP), being a candidate in the 1995 parliamentary elections.

In 2006, he went on a hunger strike together with the parishioners of the New Life Church, and thus they managed to achieve their goal to safe the church from closing.. Later his ideas formed the basis for creation of the Belarusian National Platform of the Eastern Partnership Civil Society Forum established in 2010.  The same year he and his followers managed to prevent an attempt of Lukashenko’s Administration to fake civil society for simulation of dialogue between a fictitious CSOsand the authorities nationally and internationally.

He has repeatedly written open letters to Lukashenka, ministers Shunevichand Makei. He has always been and still is an intellectual in action as well as active public thinker.

Uladzimir Matskevich is the author and founder of the Flying University. 

He is also the author of philosophic books and a huge number of political articles, educational video courses and lectures.

In 2019, he initiated the Fresh Wind campaign against deeper integration of Belarus with the Russian Federation. He identified the absorption of Belarus by Russia and the introduction of amendments into the Constitution as two main dangers for Belarus for the next decade . Matskevich proposed a roadmap for the Belarusian revolution leading us from the current situation to the Fourth Republic through the Constituent Assembly.

In 2020 and 2021, he has written every day and spoken publicly with the analysis of political and social situations, criticism and suggestions to active citizens and political leaders.


Uladzimir Matskevich is a public intellectual, a methodologist and a philosopher who creates public tension and makes citizens move forward to form the modern society of Belarus.

Solidarity with a Belarusian philosopher Uladzimir Matskevich. Open letter.  Join the letter!


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